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Being Happy In The Incomplete

“I could keep writing tips on time and space management, but what I really want to say is this:  It is not about finishing the project, completing your home, or in my case finishing the book. It is about enjoying the process.While completing projects is satisfying and important, it should not be the goal or else you will be overwhelmed.

Here’s a hint: YOUR HOME WILL NEVER BE COMPLETE (And if it is, it’s because you’re getting ready to move FYI). The reason I know this is because our home is a mirror of ourselves. AND WE ARE NEVER COMPLETE.We are and will always be a work in progress. Once you complete one project, there will always be another and another and another.

We live in an expanding Universe and once we complete one goal, we immediately look to the next. To some (or even yourself), this may appear as discontentment or ungratefulness, but it’s actually a part of experiencing the human experience in our expanding and evolving world.

And so your only option is:


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