Are You Happy With Yourself?

It’s hard to be happy, truly happy after you have lost a loved one.  Most grievers stop with being “content” because they can’t even imagine being happy.  Don’t settle for “contentment” when “happiness” is a gift we can have.  We matter and that’s why we need to do more than just survive – we need to find our own path and be happy.

Don’t worry about what others are doing or saying, because to be truly happy you must make your own path.

It’s quite simple – If you can’t be yourself, you can’t be truly happy.

Ask yourself:  When am I feeling completely happy?     It’s important to be able to say “No” and walk away if it doesn’t make you completely happy, but it’s also important to know when to say “Yes”, because it’s usually the things we don’t do that cause us the most regret.

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