Family in Grief

They have not denied their pain or hidden from it. But, at the same time, they have chosen to live. And through that choice they have affirmed their belief in their family and they have learned how to be joyous. 

When you go through such a difficult experience, you of course reassess your priorities.  The desire to do something good to express your loss in a positive way becomes very strong. Use all those feelings as a motor for change and express your loss by helping others.

A very difficult or tragic experience can have a strong effect, and it can be either positive or negative. Families can either split apart or grow together and making that decision is very important, because it directs your actions towards your choice.

They have to be willing to try anything anyone suggested that might make them whole again — therapy, support groups, prayer, yoga, spiritual counseling, charity, community support. 

They have asserted that life is stronger than death, that giving is stronger than grief.  A family in grief has learned that when the pain comes, let it be, and it will pass. Don’t resist it.

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