Chicks Night Out – Grief Support Group

Christmas Holidays are hard when you don’t have your loved one.  Death and grief are not part of the holidays and we often feel out of place at get togethers.

This week I was with the “Chicks Night Out” group twice.  We had our yearly Christmas party on Thursday and than on Saturday we had a bus trip to an old estate for Christmas dinner.  This group is all ladies that have lost a loved one and they are perfect for having some fun (and tears) with. 

You may not have a group like ours in your home town but there will always be others that understand your loss because they have also travelled that path.  Find them and share the holidays with them because grief support is an important part of our healing.  Just make sure that they are ready to move forward and enjoy some of the season.

Kings Landing Christmas 2014 Kings Landing 2014

If you are part of our group you will find more pictures on our private Facebook page.

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