Don’t Give Up

Our loved one is gone and we are left to live a single life that we had not planned for.  Change is hard but if we don’t adapt we will be forever stuck in the past.  Every goal we set gives us something positive to work for and helps us to get rebalanced.  Don’t give up or get discouraged when you work hard and at first don’t see the results that you want.

Zig Ziglar used a great analogy.  Picture an old-fashioned water well with a pump to bring the water up from the water table far below in the ground.  To get the water to come up the pipe, you had to pump on the handle long and hard.  All the while you are pumping, you have nothing to show that the water is actually coming up the long pipe.

 old fashine pump

This happens in life all too often.  You buy all the stuff you need.  You read every book you can find. You tell everyone!  You work long hard hours with enthusiasm and passion.  You just know that this year you are going to reach your goal.

The objective is to take the handle, pump it hard and keep pumping it hard.  You have to keep pumping it for what seems an eternity with no results.  But if you keep pumping and pumping and pumping until finally you get a few drops.

This much work for a tiny trickle of results?  This is where frustration and resentment sneak in.  The secret is to keep pumping – and pumping hard.  Ultimately the water will run full force and you will see the results of your massive action.  Even then, the big secret is to keep pumping to KEEP the water flowing.

The great news is that it takes less effort to keep the water flowing now. You don’t have to pump as hard, but you do have to keep pumping.  Keeping the water flowing is easier than starting the water flow.

Stopping and starting is exhausting.  Set your goal and don’t stop until you reach it.  There is something powerful about reaching a goal.  First one and then another and another.  You will feel empowered and in control if you keep at it – don’t give up.

Give yourself a gift this New Year.  Stay the course and be consistent!

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  1. Colleen

    Your post so resonated with me and I thank you for this gift. I have been struggling for the past 18 months. My dear husband was a water man. Was this his message to me. I can’t help but ask. Thank you!

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