Overcoming Shyness

As a couple we always had someone with us when we went out or tried something new.  With the death of our loved one we are on our own and that may bring out our shyness.

Being shy is just another part of our journey and does not define us.  It’s good to know that others don’t think about what we say and do as much as we think they do.  If fact, our shyness is far less important to others than it is to us.

Here are some steps to help you overcome shyness:

  • Plan ahead – decide on how long you are staying.
  • Start a conversation by asking friendly questions.
  • Move around as physical activity dispels nervous energy.
  • Focus on others and putting them at ease.
  • Search for a common interest to talk about.
  • Smile – a friendly attitude makes everyone comfortable.
  • Remember that most of what we worry about never happens.

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