Pyschic/ Scam Warning from “WidowNet”

“WidowNet does not support, advocate, encourage or recommend the use of psychics by the bereaved.” 

Keep an open mind that it has been proved that belief and faith can achieve a great deal of healing.  Just be careful about who you put your belief and faith in.

I believe that we should educate ourselves in all things and not take anyone else’s advice as the one and only opinion.  Personally I’m not into pyschics, future card readings or anything like this because I believe that our journey is what makes us the person we are.

WidowNet is a great chat format for the widowed to share their feelings.  They care about the people who join the site and don’t want them to be taken advantage of.  But as in all things, read and educate yourself so that all decisions are based on your opinion and not someone else’s.

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