Are You a Survivor?

Everyone that has lived through grief comes out the other end to a life that is totally different.  Some of us never recover, but most do.  In fact, even those that hit the bottom often say they ultimately grew as a person from their grief.

Some survivors grow closer to people they love; others develop a sense of personal strength and appreciation for life.  Still others deepen their spiritual beliefs – change their career – make big decisions about their life goals.  We are likely to experience these benefits even though we struggled at first to find our way.

It’s not about getting “over it”, it’s more about moving forward in the most meaningful way.  We still have our fears, grief and suffering, but we have found some meaning in our journey.  If we can all learn to get through our losses and struggle to find value, we will do more than cope – we will be a survivor!!

When you’re in pain with grief, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s important.  Take a deep breath – you need to grieve, it’s normal and important but than comes a time when you need to clear a space for yourself.   Be happy, healthy and  loved by family and friends – You are a survivor. 

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