Our Moods Are Always Changing

We are constantly thinking but we are not always aware that we are thinking or just how that thinking is affecting our moods.   

Our moods will drop lower when we are grieving and life seems hopeless, but than something will happen and our thoughts are taken away from our grief. And even if its just for a moment our mood will lift.

When you are in a high mood, life looks promising, things don’t feel so hard and relationships flow easier.  When in a low mood, life looks unbearably, serious and hard.  You may take things personally and are super sensitive to those around you.

This is true for everyone – there isn’t a person alive who is happy all the time and if they are in a low mood it’s impossible to maintain a funny and easygoing face to the world.

Rather than staying stuck in a low mood, convinced that life will never get better, you can learn to question your moods.  An understanding of moods allows you to get back to a healthy mood when you reach bottom.  When you understand that it is your mood dragging you down, you will learn to slow down your thinking and focus on what makes you feel good instead of all the negatives.

As we learn to disregard negative thoughts and people, our positive feelings (mood) will quickly return.  Recognize the state of mind you are in, and understand that when you are in a low mood, you are thinking and generating negative thoughts. 

We control very little in this world but one thing that we have total control over is our thoughts and through them we control our moods.   Our moods are always changing because it’s hard to always be aware of every thought, but when you notice that your mood is dropping low, slow down and take note about what your thoughts are.  Change your thoughts and your mood will follow.

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