What Do You Really Want?

What do you want – really want out of your life?  Don’t look back to the past or even to your present because “what is – is” and can’t be changed. 

Look to your future and think about what you want 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and ten years from now. 

At the end of your life will you be ready or will you be begging death for more time?  Death may very well say, “I gave you last week and 52 weeks in just the last year alone.  What have you done with the time you already had?” 

Will you say, “I didn’t think it mattered.”  Is that what your life means to you?

Before you start listing all the physical things you want, you need to be quiet and think about what you really want because you only have one life to live.  You can get more money if you waste it, but time spent wastefully is forever gone and can never be replaced.

So, What do you really want?

I enjoy hearing from my readers so please let me know your thoughts, dreams and wants.

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