Does stress and grief steal your sleep?

Everyone has had those times of watching the clock, noting with misery how slowly the night is passing.  Insomnia is repeated difficulty in falling asleep, staying asleep or feeling tired when it’s time to get up.

 Sleep is not optional and it should be considered a top priority in our lives.

Who Gets Insomnia?

  • One-third of people older than 65.
  • Those that tend to worry more.
  • 57% of women.
  • Psychiatric Disorders – depression & anxiety.
  • Physical disorders.
  • Alcohol or Drug abuse.
  • People that are grieving.

 Causes of Insomnia

  • Grief – reliving memories both good and bad.
  • Change in routine – bedtime schedule has changed.
  • Change in environment – recent move or sleeping alone.
  • Poor sleep conditions – noisy room, too bright.
  • Depression or stress – caused by life changes.
  • Too active a mind – watching T.V. before bed.
  • Worry about sleep – vicious cycle.


Prescription medications combined with therapy may provide the best results for controlling chronic insomnia.  Medications are best for immediate relief, while therapy may take several weeks or months.  Whatever you do, don’t let insomnia become an acceptable part of your life.  Seek medical advice if the problem persists.

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