Grieving and Healing booklet

It’s taken me a while but my 40 page “Grieving and Healing Guide” has been published and is now available for only $ 3.00 on my Website: -products page

This 40 page booklet offers encouragement and support as you travel your own personal grief journey to healing. It’s created in sections for ease of reading and you can skip over one section to another without missing anything.

32 Sections As Listed Below

1.Saying Goodbye – Saying goodbye to a dying loved one doesn’t come naturally.
2.Anticipatory Grief – We begin to grieve the moment we learn a loved one is dying.
3.Eulogy – Giving a eulogy isn’t easy, but it’s something you will never regret doing.
4.Death of a Child – Why is the death of a child an impossible grief?
5.Death of a Parent – To lose a parent is to lose the most influential person in your life.
6.Grieving Senior – You have lived your whole life with someone and now they are gone.
7.Sudden Death of a Loved One – Death caused by accidents or suicide.
8.How can We Help a Child Grieve? – Children see things differently than adults.
9.What to Expect that First Year – It’s hard to be emotionally prepared.
10.Is it Normal to Think About Suicide? – A common response to grief is wishing an end life.
11.Is it Depression or Grief? – It’s not always easy to tell the difference.
12.Bitterness and Resentment – It’s easy to feel bitter or to resent others.
13.A Guide to Help You Grieve and Heal – The stages of grief are listed and explained.
14.Thoughtless Things People Say – A list of comments made that are hurtful.
15.The Things We Should Say – A list of helpful things people can say and do.
16.Myths of Bereavement – It explains the myths that people believe when it comes to grief.
17.Why is Grieving so Difficult? – The grieving process is a lifelong process of change.
18.Tell Others How to Help You – A listing of things that people can do to help you.
19.Physical and Mental Health – There is a strong relationship between illness and grief.
20.Spiritual Health – Our spiritual journey may be put to the test when we lose a loved one.
21.Self Care – Learn how to commit to taking care of yourself.
22.Social Life – Life is forever changed as you are now a single in a couple’s world.
23.Holidays/ Special Occasions – Learn how to handle holidays and special occasions.
24.Are You Ready to Date Again? – Taking a look at dating, sex and remarriage.
25.Tips and Advice about Finances – How do I know if I’m making the right decisions?
26.What are Your Core Values? – Matching your values to your future goals.
27.Assume Control of Your Life – How to take control if you don’t like your future path.
28.Make the Home Yours – What do you do with all the stuff that has accumulated?
29.Laughter is the Best Medicine – Laughing even in the hardest of times is good for you.
30.Checklist – How am I doing? – Answer the questions honestly to see how you are doing.
31.What is Your Future? – As time goes by we often see the beginnings of happiness.
32.Resources – A full page of free resources to help you grieve and heal.

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