Do You Love Life?

How long do you have to live? Do you really know? I think it’s a blessing that most of us don’t know. It would be hard having that hanging over our heads, every moment of every day.

But just for a moment ponder the thought – what if you did know and that you only had one week to live. Would you be a couch potato, squander it watching TV and sleeping till noon? Or do you think you would get as much out of every day as possible?

Most of us really have no idea when we are going to die, so what would be wrong with living each day as if it was one of our last few days left? We are not going to be here forever, so what kind of life do you think you would really want to put everything into?

Stop, close your eyes and just imagine – what would your life be like if you “loved” it and didn’t just get through it?

Most of what you imagine is possible if you go after what you want like there is no tomorrow. Try living life every day as if it was one of your few days left. Do as much as you possibly can for one day – then try another day – and if you like how that feels, keep going. Why not?

If you take this one piece of advice and use it, you will find purpose and love your life. I can’t think of anything better than that for your future.

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