Gentle Ways to Break Out of Depression

We all have times when we are high with life and everything is going our way. Unfortunately we also have times of the lowest of the low – what some call depression.

Here are a few ideas to gently break out of our depression:

• Walk therapy – lifts depression, increase energy and boost self esteem.
• Change your environment – change things around you and it can shift your mood.
• Focus on positive thoughts – think of things that inspire and uplift you.
• Laughter – it helps to balance the stress of life.
• Note what is working – it’s too easy to think about the negatives in life.
• Do something nice – reaching out to others eases your own feelings of pain.
• Enjoy art or music – their beauty lifts depression.

Accept your feelings of depression and sadness. If there are changes you can make, then make them. Be patient with yourself and others -grief is a hard journey towards a balanced life.

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