A Widow’s Courage

A few years into widowhood and we’re far more able to make decisions, take risks and try new things without being crippled by the fear of failure or the equally intimidating possibility of being successful on our own.

Whether it’s getting a dramatically different hairstyle, changing jobs or entering into a new relationship, we are less scared of the unknown and more confident in our capacity to come through.

Having the courage to be single again allows us to fully experience this life. 

Complete the following sentence:

The one thing I really want to do but am scared of trying is ………

Next complete this sentence:

If I do this, the worst thing that can happen is …………    Now ask yourself, am I willing to take the risk for the gain?   If you have the courage to go for it than;

Complete this last sentence:

I will take steps every day in pursuit of what I really want and I will have it by the time I’m ………

With time and experience we widows have learned that no matter what comes, we have what it takes to handle it.

“We have brains.  We are beautiful.  We can do anything we set our minds to.”   Diana Ross

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  1. Caroline Fish

    I have seen my confidence grow. Than you posting this encouragement.

  2. Caroline Fish

    Oh my, terrible typing on my phone. Should read: thank you for posting this encouragement. 🙂

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