You Are Vulnerable

We like to think of ourselves as being strong but in these days of stress and recovery, remember that you’re vulnerable to those around you and all the changes that are coming your way.

Physical Health:

Get your rest, your body needs it to heal your grief.
Don’t overextend yourself by getting too busy.
Eat sensibly.
Get some exercise, a daily 30 min. walk is good.
Drive more carefully, accidents are common when grieving.

Emotional Health:

Be kind to yourself and don’t expect fast healing.
Stay away from negative people and situations.
Don’t try to figure it all out at once, take your time.
Don’t say “yes” to everyone’s requests.

Your sales resistance may be low so don’t enter into situations where you might buy a big ticket item.  Spend your time with people who are trustworthy.  You don’t need to overprotect yourself but be aware that much of your energy is being used for healing.  Because you are emotional drained you are open to making some rushed decisions that will not be in your best interest.

I know because shortly after Donnie’s death a purchased a fix it upper of a house to keep me busy.  I sold it less then two years later and lost alot of money.  I just wasn’t thinking it all out – I was looking for something to do so I wouldn’t have to think.  That was a big mistake on my part 🙂

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