Dealing with Adversity

No one likes adverse circumstances and we certainly don’t seek them out, but if we are living and breathing we will not be able to avoid difficult situations.

It’s hard to acknowledge but grief does help us to develop our character in a natural and powerful way that only the challenges of life offer.  Nobody likes going through adversity but without going through it, we would never grow our mental strength.

Until my husband died, I did not understand the genuine compassion needed for someone who lost a spouse.  When Donnie died, I experienced sorrow like I had never known.  For the first time I realized what others were going through when they lost their spouse.  Before, I would give them a pat on the back and try to say a few words of comfort but now I can genuinely sympathize with what they are going through and hopefully I can help them so much more.

Throughout our lives we will experience a great deal of adversity that is not a result of our actions.  It is critically important that we do not assign fault to ourselves or others.  Adversity comes to us and we don’t have the answers or even the questions as to why.  As tempting as it may be, to try to figure out “why”, it is not only an exercise in futility it is a waste of time.

Perseverance is critical to dealing with adversity.  The only thing you can do is keep getting up after each fall.   Perseverance is a quality and strength that will serve you well throughout your life.  Open your heart up to healing and you will develop qualities of patience, strength, courage, kindness, love, humility and most of all compassion for others that are also grieving.

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