When Can You Be Yourself?

When we become a “widow” we are no longer a “wife” – its hard to know who we are.

How well do we really know, like and trust ourselves?  This is a critical question that we all face as we travel our grief journey.  Sometimes, we are our own worse enemy as we let negative beliefs take control.

You need to began to like yourself and follow your own path.  My advice to any widow is to be clear about who you are – take the time to figure out who you really are, what you really enjoy doing and what your strengths are.

As widows, the need to know ourselves is doubly important because we tend to undervalue our strengths.  You can be true to yourself and the first step is just to have the courage to laugh at yourself – it will get you pass doubt and fear.

Don’t be afraid to ask other widows questions, listen to how they learned to be true to themselves.  Their experience will help you but only seek out widows that have already shown their strength and are not still grieving themselves.

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