In Memory of Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away August 30th, 2015.  Dr. Dyer devoted his life to teaching others about forgiveness and about living a life of passion.

We may not agree with everything but we don’t have to because his basic message is for everyone.  If you get a chance please watch his movie “My Greatest Teacher”.  The message is that we need to take our greatest and most damaging life events and figure out a way to turn them into our greatest Teacher.

Everything in our life – good, bad and ugly contributes to what we are today.  We learn from those moments and the challenge is to understand the lesson.  How can we use it to make us a better person – a friend to strangers and to ourselves?

We are usually hardest on ourselves but until we learn to forgive ourselves we will not see the teaching in the life events we experience as we travel this journey of grieving to healing.

The teachings are there, forgiveness is there and peace is there – stop and listen.

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