How To Have Victory Over The Negatives

It’s hard to be positive when your grieving, but how you respond to your loss is totally up to you.  When negative thoughts about life and people start to take control, interrupt them and recall instead your good memories and the blessings that you still have.

Please don’t fall into the negative trap, thinking about all you have lost and about all the things that are wrong.  Start looking for things that can help you.  Look for as many solutions as you can and refuse to let any problem wear your spirit down.

I was at the Hospice Walk with our “Chicks Night Out” group this weekend and a young teenage girl talked about her mother’s battle with cancer.  She talked about her mother’s strength, laughter and good humor till the very end. What her mother gave was the gift of positive living even when faced with death.   This young girl has fond memories of her mother even though ten years (more than half her life) was spent watching her fight to live.

Although her mother died at Hospice this young girl spoke of the positives in her mothers last months.  Her positive thinking helped her overcome all of her mother’s  life limitations and see the beauty that was still there.

We need to have victory over the negatives in our lives because if we don’t than those negatives will grow stronger and steal our passion for living.  Too many of us blame others, God or life but the real truth is that the way we respond makes us the person we are today.

Our thinking affects the way we talk and how we live.  It’s a cycle and if we are not careful we can get caught up in the wrong cycle.  It’s so refreshing, so exciting to think in a positive manner and in so doing we will attract positive people.  This new cycle will change the way you do things and as a result your future will be more positive.

When you are ready and grief has had it’s time, let your mind turn to a positive future and rediscover the person that you were meant to be.

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  1. yusuf nanahauwa m.o

    The LORD is your husband and He will see you through.

  2. G.N.

    Hi Mary,
    Thanks to a family member I have just found your website. You are much appreciated. On this piece about Victory over the Negatives however, I wish the last sentence had been your opening sentence.
    In the beginning months I was positive and spiritual and coping but then at about 6 months something physical changed and I am not currently in control of my thoughts no matter how hard I try. I understand that this will change some day but it’s so difficult when people who haven’t been through loss, or have had a different experience, think I should be able to get better by thinking positive.
    I know that’s not what you are saying but it wasn’t until that last sentence that I felt the relief of you saying “once grief has had it’s time”

  3. Mary Francis

    You are so right – I should have lead with a comment that grief has to have it’s time before the healing can come. When we are grieving it takes everything we have just to get through each day. Victory over negatives takes energy we don’t always have, so just take one day at a time. Positive thinking is a gift we give ourselves and that gift comes with healing. Take care of yourself, Mary Francis

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