Widows Beware Of Scammers

Widows beware – there are scammer out there preying on your grief.  I got the below email today from a widow warning about a “friend request” that she got that turned out to be a scammer.  The Sisterhood of Widows does NOT send out “friend requests” we leave it up to our readers to join us by their request.

“Yesterday, shortly after I responded to a post online, I had a friend request from a Lyon Gilbert.  I accidentally accepted the request and immediately got an PM from him. Said he saw me on widow site. I blocked him immediately. I checked him out. He’s a scammer who prays on widows. Beware!”   Tamara Franks

I don’t know all the online sites to do with widows but I do believe that most are perfectly upfront organizations, but regardless don’t ever accept any “friend requests” from someone you don’t know.  Sadly widows are a target because of their grief and loneliness.

Take care and be safe,  Mary Francis

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