Christmas Magic

When I was a child I dreamed of a perfect Christmas: lots of sweets, every toy on my wish list and time off from school. In reality, money was hard to come by and although there was lots of love and time off from school the sweets and toys were not as plentiful.

But now I understand that it’s not the sweets or presents or some hyped up “perfect” Christmas that counts – it’s having others to share this time with.

I’ve already got the most valuable gift of all: my life. I know it’s valuable because no amount of money could have purchased it for my mother and husband. They are no longer with me but I’ve learned to appreciate those that I love and also the new people that I’m meeting along my journey.

Its official – Christmas miracles can’t be found in packages. Instead it comes by taking time for others and by appreciating the gift of life that we still have. By enjoying our family and friends we will find that Christmas magic that we are always looking for.

From my home to yours I wish you a Merry Christmas.

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  1. Peggy Bowman

    my husband passed away 11/5/15, we were talking at our home he was in his chair I was on the couch. It mid conversation he played his head back and I knew something terrible was wrong, making this short 2 ambulances came police cars justice of peace neighbor's, CPR was performed for at least 30-45 minutes, also the paddles were used twice. They took him to the hospital, but he was gone. He was 57, he had CHF onky 30% of his heart was working. I'm in shock, my two children were at the hospital two of my grandchildren ages 10 and 5, and my sin in law. They took me to my daughters. I wanted to go home but my children said no. He couldn't be gone we hsd planned to much, but he was. It has not been 2 months and I feel everyone has forgotten me, not that I had my sisters with me to begin with. I have 4 sisters and one brother, only my oldest sister was here for me. No one came to me, I have never felt so alone where werec all my family. They were not with me. I'm alone sstill . someone said this is my new normal well I hate this new normal, he should be here with me. I haven't gotten angry, I haven't cried since Christmas day. What is wrong with me, I'm suppose to cry. I try not to think of him, this way its not real. I think he is in California at his parents. Help me, I know this is not normal

  2. Mary Francis

    I’m so sorry Peggy that you have to travel this path and that you have lost your husband at such a young age.  What I’ve learned is that you can’t count on others (even family) to fill that empty place in your life. 

    There is nothing at all wrong with you.  Grieving is what it is and everyone is different.  Some cry and some never do – crying is not a measure to how much we loved or didn’t love our husbands.  Who says that your “suppose to cry”?  Let your memories come and treasure them.  Think and talk about him because it will help you process your grief.   Take some time to read my pass blogs as I have talked about this a few times.

    Meanwhile, take charge and don’t wait for someone else to decide what is or isn’t right for you.   You will be okay and will grow stronger as you heal.   Take care, Mary Francis


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