Preplanning – When is the right time?

I was only fifty when my husband of twenty seven years died.  Donnie was fifty three years old and we had our wills done when the children were small but we hadn't done any other preplanning.  Years earlier my Mother had preplanned her funeral and when she died we just went to the funeral home and they had everything on file.  But when Donnie died I was running around trying to arrange everything and I didn't have time to properly plan.

After Donnie's funeral I decided that I didn't want my children to have to go through the stress of arranging my funeral.  I redid my will and preplanned my funeral even though I was only fifty years old at the time.  It gave me such peace to know that it's not only planned out but also paid for.  If I live long enough I may end up in a Nursing Home with no money so I wanted to ensure that my children did not have to come up with the money for my funeral.  It was important to me that I pay my own way till the end of my days.

When looking for a prearrange plan:

Does the funeral home have a good reputation?

If you pay in installments, will you be charged for any late payments?

Does the contract describe all goods and services that are provided?

Does the plan meet your religious needs?

Does it allow for a service in your own religious institution?

Does the plan cover for the increased cost of the service due to inflation?

When looking for a cemetery plot:

What happens if you move or want to sell it?

Can you transfer ownership?

What are your payment options?

What is the service charge if you payment is late?

If you buy a columbarium niche (for cremated remains) is there a nameplate charge?

     Medical science makes valuable use of donated tissues and organs.  To make such a donation write out your instructions on a piece of paper and sign it.  Be sure to tell your family of your wished and carry a signed donor card in your wallet.  If your driver's license has an attached universal donor card, just fill it out and sign it for your wishes to be followed.




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