For Widows: Grief is Individual

Our grief is directly related to the uniqueness of our marriage and no two marriages are the same. 

There is a lot of confusion about grief and how a person should handle it.  But grief does not come in a tidy box, instead it can be very messy. 

What Grief Is:

  1. Grief is a normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind.
  2. Grief can be conflicting – happy they are not in pain, sad they are gone.
  3. Grief goes by the heart not be the brain, it’s very emotional.
  4. Grief cannot be stereotyped because we are not all the same.
  5. Grief is a crisis and needs to be respected.
  6. Grief affects each person differently.

What Grief Is Not:

  1. Grief is not an orderly process.
  2. Grief is not a set of stages that everyone goes through.
  3. Grief is not rational in its reaction to loss.
  4. Grief is not a disease or illness that we get over.
  5. Grief is not a diagnosis that explains it all away.

I hope this article helps explain why grief is individual.  If you have something about grief that you want to share please post it here.




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