Widows – Stress and Lack of Sleep

Sleep is hard to come by when we lose our loved ones. It’s very important that we understand how lack of sleep affects our lives and what we can do about it.

A list of what happens when we don’t get enough sleep or when our sleep quality is poor:
• Lower concentration.
• Harder to make decisions.
• Irritability and frustration increases.
• Body is sluggish.
• Speech is slurred.
• More accidents occur.
• Physical health declines.
• Mental health disorders worsen.
• The aging process may speed up.

Long- term sleep deprivation can have serious consequences to your health; physically and mentally. There is diminished critical thinking if a person is sleep deprived, which has a direct link to unhappiness and stress.

When to Get Help
• If you continually don’t feel restored after sleep.
• You can’t fall asleep or stay asleep.
• It’s been a problem for several months.
• It’s affecting your moods at work and at home.
• Your physical health is declining.

The important thing is to return to your regular sleep schedule as soon as possible. You cannot make up for large sleep losses during the week by sleeping in on the weekends. You just cannot replace lost sleep all at once.

Know Your Sleep Type – Early morning types (Larks) leap out of bed at the crack of dawn, do their best work before noon but become worn out before the evening. The evening type (Owls) cannot get going in the morning but are still going strong way past midnight.

Your sleep type is part of your genetic makeup and needs to be understood and accepted.

This article is just one out of forty from my Guide # 2 – Sleep is Stealing My Sleep.

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  1. Rakshanda

    I am ok during the day but when i go to bed at night and am about to fall asleep i suddenly get up with a start feeling very anxious. Can hardly sleep at all at night. Manage to fall asleep early morning but then it is time to get up. Anyone dealt with this and how? I was widowed four years ago

  2. Mary Francis

    Hi Rakshanda – I have a 40 page Guide on this issue called “Stress Is Stealing My Sleep” at http://sisterhoodofwidows.com/product/a-guide-to-manage-stress-and-sleep/ Plus free tips on homepage of http://www.thesisterhoodofwidows.com under “Just For You” section. Hope this helps, Mary Francis

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