Widows – Fainthearted to Fearless

I must confess that I never liked change. I’ve worked at the same organization for 36 years, married to the same guy and living a life of routine, right up till the day Donnie died. But that one major change caused a ripple effect in my life that continues to this day.

I used to live a fainthearted, unchanged and some would even say boring life. And, I just loved it. However, it got all turned upside down when I became a widow at the age of fifty.

I’ve grown in so many ways, but the most important to me is the relationships I have made. I have friends for different parts of my personality and I’ve become fearless in going after what I’m passionate about.

I now know that a little change can be good. After all, once we survive the death of our loved ones than all change after that is “little” in comparison. Whether you’re dipping your toe in something new or jumping all in, I bet that you will benefit from being a little more open to the excitement of change.

If you’d like to go from fainthearted to fearless, you have to be open to exploring this beautiful world for opportunities to learn something new. In the beginning we have to be fearless just to get out of bed and face the world. Stretch yourself and soon you will be setting off on your own special adventure. As widows we underestimate just how strong we have grown because of our grief and pain.

Be fearless, you can do it, so why not!

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  1. Kathy McLeod

    I have just found your website & I can't tell you his much it has impacted me in one day just by reading the articles.I'm starting to feel in time maybe there is hope for me. Right now I'm still broken but I have hope now. Thank you.

  2. Mary Francis

    Thank you Kathy for your kind remarks about my blog articles.  Please keep in touch and consider also signing up for the free monthly newsletter off the website.  There are also some great resources listed under “Grief Resources” on my website that may also be of some help.   I don’t get anything for listing them as the main point is to provide good resources for the readers to try.  Take care, Mary Francis

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