Chick’s Night Out – New Brunswick

I have created a new Facebook page for the women in New Brunswick, Canada that have lost a loved one. "Chick's Night Out – New Brunswick" is a closed site where widows can share their feelings and get encouragement and support from others in the group.

There is a face-to-face group in Saint John that meets the first Wednesday of the month at Brenan's Funeral Home in West Saint John.

Fredericton is starting up their own face-to-face "Chick's Night Out" group. Ladies from both groups can join this New Brunswick Facebook page and we can support each other as we grieve and heal.

As other areas in the province start up their own "Chick's Night Out" groups, they will also be able to join this New Brunswick Facebook page. In the future this group will host province wide activities and travel together as they continue to support each other.

We gain an understanding of our grief and healing when we share our journey. "Chick's Night Out" is a no fee and no obligation group – just new friends to meet.

If you are a current member of "Chick's Night Out" from Saint John, please go onto the new Facebook page for New Brunswick and request to join.

For more information on "Chick's Night Out" please check out my website page under "Just for Widows".

This is not a normal grief support group – it is a social get together both online and face-to-face for women (mostly widows) that have lost a loved one.





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