Widows Starting Work Again

Many women make the decision to stay home once the children start coming.  Their husband is the main income and they cut back on expenses so that they can have that life style.  That is great, but then suddenly their husband is gone and as a widow that life style is no longer possible.

For these widows, it is a very tough time because not only are they grieving the loss of their beloved husbands but also the loss of their financial life.  They now have to face going back to work and due to age and/or work experience, the job market can be tough.

The best thing is to expand your knowledge by taking some new classes.  I know you probably want to pull the covers up over your head and wish the world away, but you can do it.  First thing is to adjust your expectations as positions similar to what you had before you left the work place may be unattainable now.

Just getting back into working is important so please consider any job that can earn you an income and offers health insurance.  Though you may feel overqualified, take a job with medical benefits for the interim and go from there.

If you start by working part-time and later you work full time, try to increase your contribution to your retirement fund.  As a widow you have to ensure that you have enough funds to retire, so find out what your allowed to contribute every year.  Don’t delay because as you get closer to retirement age it may be too late to ensure that you can financial cover all your expenses.

Your finances are now totally in your control so please don’t hide from them in the hope that everything will just work out on its own.

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  1. Anita J Zakem

    this is a good reminder. I need to work but part of me does not want to work. I love type of work I do and have a nice new job situation as a independent contractor so I can choose how many hours and set up a schedule that suits me. I am recovering from a total knee replacement surgery on 8/3. I will go back slowly since I am not up to my full stamina yet. But I have some things in place that should help me have a positive work experience. July 28,2017 was the one year anniversary of the death of my wife Jackie Henkle. I missed having her there for me as I went through my surgery but I had a picture of us in my room when I went for Medical rehab and I still talk to her. I am continuing with outpatient physical therapy and have graduated from use of a walker to use of a cane. I have had my moments of self pity but do not stay there. Recovery from major surgery is not for the faint of heart as stated by me.
    As Betty White says Aging is not for sissies.

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