Widow Survivors

We widows need the support of those around us but we sometimes find it hard to express our need. Below is advice for you to share with those who care about you:

• Listen to me.
• Allow me to talk and cry as much and as often as I need to.
• Don’t be afraid to talk about the person who has died.
• Continue to offer support, don’t drift away from me.
• Offer to go to a local survivor group with me.
• Write me notes/ call me, even if I don’t reply.
• Small acts of kindness – run an errand, cook a meal, visit doctor with me.

Where once there was some kind of order to your days, now chaos reigns. It’s hard to get rebalanced on your own. Give yourself time to grieve but also keep the door open for the support and kindness of others who want to be there for you.

Asking for help takes willingness and it take courage so please share this so that others know not only that your hurting but also that you need their support.

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