Bad Case of Holiday Anxiety

Holiday anxiety is as predictable as overspending on gifts, duty visits, sugar treats and decorations. And we shouldn’t take it lightly, especially when we are grieving.

Holiday stress can be the last straw to our weakened immune system, lack of sleep, heart stress and depression. The best way to defuse stressful situations is by communicating more effectively.

Acknowledge that most people deal poorly with those who are hurting, depressed or anxious. They may get defensive or try to solve all your problems rather than just letting you talk honestly about what you’re feeling.

Here are a few tips for you to share with family and friends:

1. Please try to find some truth in what we widows are feeling, even if it seems unreasonable to you.

2. Try to put yourself in our shoes and see the world from our perception.

3. Ask gentle questions to learn more about what we are thinking and feeling.

4. Please treat us with respect even if you’re angry or upset with us.

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