Grief Doesn’t Go Away Because of The Holidays

I know life is hard when we are grieving and the holidays just intensive those feelings. But you can get through it with a little helping hand and I’ve got a list for you, a collection of hints to make this a little bit easier.

Get Organized – Keep track of your gift purchases, list names to buy for and receipts in one envelope. Designate one area in your home to store gifts as you purchase them.

Share the Fun – Invite friends over for a tree trimming party and treat them to coffee and dessert. Make gift wrapping an event of fun and have a contest for the most original idea.

Get in the Spirit – Fill your home with holiday scents: potpourri, pine and scented candles or oils. If you can, go to a school Christmas program and reread some of the great Christmas stories. Spend some time watching the older Christmas movies, especially the comedies. Stay away from the new Hallmark movies, they are just too hard to watch.

Good Deeds – Make a charitable donation in someone’s memory. Buy one or two extra canned goods and donate to a food bank. Participate in an Angel Tree program at your local mall. Take a batch of homemade cookies to a Nursing Home. Volunteer to decorate a tree for someone who might not be able to do it themselves or offer to help so they don’t have to do it alone.

Stress Busters – Take a warm bath with a scented candle and shower gel. Make a soothing cup of cocoa or peppermint tea. Turn off all the lights except the Christmas tree and count your blessings. Take time to admire the festive holiday decorations in the neighborhood and listen to seasonal music.

Socialize when you want, stay home or run away – it’s your choice. But whatever you do, your grief will still be with you, so accept it as part of your journey and don’t try to avoid it.

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