Soon Christmas Will Be Over

The whole holiday season is hard when you’re a widow. But as you struggled through it, did you do something kind for someone or been on the receiving end of a thoughtful gesture? When you share something, even a small gesture, it can put a smile on your face.

Put a nativity set in your home. You can buy inexpensive and unbreakable sets that are just right for young families with children. Start the Wise Men on their journey to the nativity set beginning in a child’s bedroom and move them a little closer to the manager every day until they arrive on Christmas Eve.

If you haven’t been in the habit of going to church, somehow it’s easier to start during the holidays. Go to all the Christmas specials or worship at a church you don’t normally attend to give yourself a spiritual lift.

Honor each other’s faith and the heritage each of us brings to our families. Remember the reason for the season is to honor the birth of Jesus and not get caught up on the marketing all around us.

Find a candle that has beauty or meaning for you. When you’ve set aside some time – before a meal, during prayer or reading – place the candle before you, say a simple prayer, blessing or thank you and light the candle. For just this moment, let the world fall away.

For some, it’s traditional to give a blessing before the meal begins. It’s a perfect time to close our eyes and let the mind rest in the heart.

Talking to a Higher Power about your grief helps you work through your pain more quickly. Just express what you’re feeling in a prayer as if you were talking to a dear friend. It doesn’t even have to be spoken out loud.

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