Do You Lack Boundaries?

Many widows today struggle with setting boundaries: Do you take care of everyone in your family except yourself? Are you influenced by all kinds of fads? Do you go from one bad relationship to another? Is your spending out of … Read More

Purpose of Life as per Deepak Chopra

I’m reading an article from Oprah’s magazine where Oprah and Deepak are having a conversation.  I can’t say that I understand or follow everything in the article but there were some key points that really stood out to me. One … Read More

What’s Really Important?

They say that wisdom comes with age but even so I’m a late learner. Yesterday I taught a workshop on “Law of Attraction” and I had one of those light bulb moments of clarity.  While having lunch with the group … Read More

Perseverance and Adversity

When we encounter adversity because of the death of a loved one, our natural inclination is to panic, surrender or retreat.  But the best thing is to just face it head-on because this not the time to be timid. For … Read More

Giving Away Personal Possessions

Some people mark personal items in their home with masking tape to indicate the name of the person who is to receive it when they die.  Masking tape can be removed or lost so to ensure that each item is … Read More

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