A Guide to Our Relationships


If you’re living completely alone you must learn to use social skills because absolute loneliness is just too hard to bear. Don’t hang out with people that drain you, but instead seek out those who inspire you.
Drum up the courage to connect with others and you’ll soon find yourself strolling along with a smile or a joyful laugh. Don’t hide your loneliness but instead bring it out into the light.

A Guide to Healthy Relationships (# 3 in series) will help you manage the relationships that mentally and physically block you from happiness. We are at our best when our relationships are positive and there is no drama dragging us down.

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3. Relationships
4. Neuro-Linguistic Programming
5. 7 Key People We Need
6. Friendships to Detox
7. Are You Comparing Yourself?
8. How to Make Friends
9. Pets - Our Greatest Friend
10. “Face to Face” Friendships
11. Family Stress
12. Getting Unstuck
13. Let’s Not Argue
14. Guiding Principles
15. What to do with a “Know-It-All”
16. Helping Friends Change
17. Is Honesty the Best Practice?
18. It’s Okay to Be Wrong
19. Courage to Love
20. Dating Again
21. Are You Appreciated?
22. Gossip Can Hurt
23. Privacy is Important
24. Be a Better Friend
25. Trust Your Instincts
26. Two Sides to Every Story
27. Volunteering
28. Spirituality
29. “I will” List of People Skills
30. Vitamin “F” for Friends
31. The Cost of Caring
32. Why Do They Think That Way?
33. Know Yourself
34. 10 Questions that Inspire
35. Why do Friends Drift Away?
36. Positive Friends
37. The Power of Groups
38. Resources for Healthy Relationships

With good friends and family you never have to wonder where you stand. You can tell them anything with the knowledge that they will never belittle you, think less of you or betray your trust. On the other hand, some people just aren’t good for us. No matter how hard we try they never seem to give of themselves but instead drain away our joy. It’s all about them and there is always some kind of drama when they are around. Learn how to manage the people in your life and how you respond to them. Instead of condemning them, let’s try to understand them. Let’s try to figure out why they do what they do and build a relationship of trust. A Guide to Healthy Relationships is filled with 40 pages of tips and advice on how to build healthy relationships, not only with others but also with yourself.


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