I don’t know how to plan for a future without him.  What can I do?  


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29/10/2016 8:41 pm  

If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that grieving and healing is hard.  It’s a simple fact, even though we are the generation of strong women who are suppose to have it all together, we don’t have all the answers.

 I encourage you to let your imagination run free.  Remember that sense of wonder you felt as a child?  Well, it’s time to rekindle those feelings and if you need to be inspired than go where children are and watch them play.  They play with pure delight and with a childlike sense of curiosity.

 So I ask you: “What was your dream before you stopped dreaming?”  and "Do you have any tips to share on how to plan for a new future on your own?"


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This is my honest answer...

My dream was always to have a family of my own. Someone(s) I could love and someone(s) that would love me. I wanted nothing else. I needed nothing more.

Now that my family is broken and I do believe I will remarry one day, I have a desire to have fun and help others. I thought I could try to by using writing as a starting point.

My first dream is still there and will always be my dream. I dream of having a homestead but it is only worthwhile to have it with a family of my own.

I probably had this dream of having a family starting at age 12, maybe 13.


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