I am not alone, but I am lonely  


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12/08/2017 7:20 pm  

Hi Ladies, I lost my husband just before Christmas last year and a week before my birthday.  I was living in Orlando Fl.  My husband was an American.  We would have been together for 15 years last Feb.  He was my second husband.  I am 58, not young, not old, but scared of being without someone in my life. 

Right now I live with my son and his family.  He gave me the space in his basement and it is lovely.  As my title says I am not alone.  He has 3 small children and I love them dearly.

I miss my best friend,  my husband was a very good man to me.  It is the little things I miss, his I love you all day long or the hug that came out of no where, or the caress on my hip when I came to bed at night.

He was 63 when he passed,  he was a vet and the Dr's there did not catch one of the 5 things wrong with him.  Protocol is what I got from them.  He may of been 63, but looked 93.   I am not angry at him, I am angry at them.  I asked for help and received none.

I had to do everything on my own down there, from selling the house to cancelling utilities.  One thing after another I had blocks to deal with. 

I knew I was moving back to Canada and my son offered the basement of his house.  I do love it here and it helps to keep busy.

I have found no place to go to for help with my grief. I just need someone to listen.  Don't worry I will find someplace to go in this small town.

Like many of you I go through each day with a smile and try not to think of my grief.  I have days that it is difficult and of course I cry.

My son doesn't like to see his Mom upset and like most men they do not know what to do. 

As for me to get myself out there, I do not have a driver's license anymore.  I need to get that again and that is a 30 mile drive to the next city.  I will find a way of course.  Still getting my bearings here. But if you want to know anything about a place, ask a cab driver.

I am a very independent person and do not like to rely on others.  Time will tell how my life will unfold.

Thank you



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