It's only been a week, so scared and lonely  


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02/12/2017 12:10 pm  

Hello.  I became a widow exactly one week ago, 11/25/17.  My wonderful husband, Scott, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer officially on 11/17/17, but only had symptoms that something was terribly wrong since 11/5/17...a whole 20 days.  I don't think I've even processed the diagnosis yet, and was just getting used to the idea of what his treatment would be like, and now I'm mourning his passing.  I am grateful he didn't suffer long, but I'm missing him so terribly.  

To the widows here, my heart is broken for you as well.  I'm so fearful that I'll never be happy again, or have much joy in my life.  We don't have children.  I'm fortunate to have my Mom staying with me for the time being, and my brother and his wife are relocating close-by (which was already planned).  I have great support from my work colleagues and friends.  But I'm lonely and it feels like this is it for the rest of my life.  I just turned 50.


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Hi Kim - I'm so very sorry for your loss.  I was also widowed at the age of 50 and I was into my third year before I felt balanced.  But, having said that we are different as wives and it follows that we are also different as widows so your journey will be personal to you.  Take the time to follow the blog postings on this website and all of it's resources as they can help you understand the emotional side of your grieving.  Take care, Mary Francis

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