The Sisterhood of Widows is the ultimate online grief support site for widows and it’s here to help you create a new life after the death of your loved one. The first thing you’ll notice about this site is that it’s not focused on grief and death as much as support and recovery.

I was widowed at the age of fifty and I understand your pain and loneliness. I offer you compassion and encouragement– seeing that you are struggling I am here to help you stand on your own and to say “Yes” you can do it.

Please take advantage of all our resource pages, plus read over the blog postings and become part of our community by joining our Private Facebook page.  For even more support, get the free downloadable guides under the Just For You section to the right.  You are not alone and you don’t have to struggle by yourself. We are here to encourage and guide you.

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Online Course for Widows
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Rebalance ~ Restore ~ Rejuvenate: Workbook (PDF Download) This very affordable164 page workbook is designed to guide you into a future you’ve created instead of a future that just happens. It will also help you... Read More

A Widow’s Reality Check In
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Okay, so shock and denial have come and gone (for the most part), but now you realize that all the future dreams of retirement, travel and enjoying grandchildren together, have vanished forever.  All your dreams... Read More

Accept Yourself As A Widow
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It’s so easy to buy into negative self images.  In fact the world today is quick to try selling us widows products to fix everything that is wrong in our lives.  But there is no... Read More

Who’s on Your Gratitude List?
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On the road of life, we encounter plenty of speed bumps, including the loss of our loved ones. That is why over the years we need to pay even more attention to who we should... Read More

Sound Therapy for Grief Relief
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There are a lot of things out there for pain relief – physically and mentally.  Widows benefit from being open minded and exploring different therapies for grief relief. Do your own research on “sound therapy”... Read More

Sleep On Your Problems
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Widows have problems – big and little problems that have to be dealt with. Many of the solutions come to us out of nowhere, when we are thinking of something else and even when we... Read More

8 Questions Every Widow Should Ask
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How well do you know the deepest parts of “you”?  As a widow, getting to know yourself is one of life’s most thrilling and worthwhile endeavors and the only true path to a whole hearted... Read More

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