The Sisterhood of Widows is the ultimate online grief support site for widows and it’s here to help you create a new life after the death of your loved one. The first thing you’ll notice about this site is that it’s not focused on grief and death as much as support and recovery.

I was widowed at the age of fifty and I understand your pain and loneliness. I offer you compassion and encouragement– seeing that you are struggling I am here to help you stand on your own and to say “Yes” you can do it.

Please take advantage of all our resource pages, plus read over the blog postings and become part of our community by joining our Private Facebook page.  For even more support, get the free downloadable guides under the Just For You section to the right.  You are not alone and you don’t have to struggle by yourself. We are here to encourage and guide you.

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Grief Transformed My Health
| |

When I was fifty, I joined a legion of widows, all of us declaring our grief and honoring our memories. With my grief came the understanding and appreciation of my most important asset, my health.... Read More

Widows Grieve In Their Own Way
| |

Sometimes we widows are sad right away, but sometimes it takes a while for it all to sink in.  If there are children at home, you may feel like you have to be strong for... Read More

This Is Your Life As A Widow
| |

If you don’t already have a journal, it would be a good idea to get one.  A life worth living is worth recording.  It can be a simple notebook, a place to record your thoughts,... Read More

Widows Are Just Not Themselves
| |

There were many times during my grief where I said things I didn’t mean, many instances where I did things I would never have done under normal circumstances. I believe that when your heart and... Read More

A Widow’s Survival Checklist
| |

As a widow you need to find someone “safe” to talk to.  You are vulnerable and need to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  No one will care for your well-being as much... Read More

Radical Acceptance
| |

When you are young and things don’t turn out, you can always tell yourself “maybe next year”.  That’s the beauty of being young – there are lots of second chances. But as time passes, how... Read More

Murphy’s Law
| |

Murphy’s Law states “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong”.  This negative way of thinking may cause us widows to expect the worst life has to offer. Unfortunately when we expect a bad situation with... Read More

Can Widows Find Happiness?
| |

Being happy starts with believing that, as a widow, you deserve to be happy again.  If you believe that you deserve happiness, you can start creating happiness for yourself. When you look at other widows... Read More

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