Financial Checkup

Financial decisions have to be made every time you turn around.   Everyone has an opinion but not everyone is an expert.

This is your future security so be very cautious.
• Ask your bank about their Financial Planning Consultants.
• Talk to your Insurance Agent about your policies and financial planning.
• See your Lawyer to redo your will and ask about a living trust fund.
• Think about preplanning your funeral – it’s a gift to the family.

Can you afford to live the life you really want?
You have to take control because ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your money.
If you don’t know what to do or how to do it asking for help is your first step.   We all need support when learning new skills.   Check out   the website for some great advise for Canadian widows.

Balance your check book and get your bills together. Know what is coming in and what is going out every month. Identify the expenses that are unnecessary and get rid of them.  Ask yourself what adds value to your life.   This website has some great advise.

• Take time to be grateful for what you do have and more abundance will come to you.
• Give to others -not just money but in sharing of your time to help someone else.
Living well does not require having a lot of money. And living within your means does not mean that you have to give up those things you enjoy. The key is to stop and ask yourself what truly makes you happy and go for quality of life not quantity of things.

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