Goals for Widows

Don’t waste your time thinking it’s too late to go after your dreams. You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. When it comes to dreams – nobody makes you do them. Nobody is going to push you.
So, take the time to define your goals – Don’t be afraid.

• On one line write down something you want to have or to do.
• On the same line put a target date for reaching your goal.
• List under your goal line all the steps that need to be taken to reach that goal.
• Break down the list as to what needs to be done every day on a consistent basis.
• At the end of each day write out your thoughts about that day in a journal.

Example if my goal is to lose 20 pounds in 3 months – it’s only 6.5 lbs a month, and that is only 1.5 lbs per week.   Funny, how l.5 lbs per week sounds so much easier.  And that is the secret – break the goal into small pieces that you can do.  All I did was state my goal and break it down to what I would do each day.  Somehow that big scary goal became small and easy for me to accomplish.

Repeat this process for every goal: write goal – set date – list daily steps – journal at day’s end.

Take some time to really think about what you want your goals to be.

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