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Below is link to the article about “The Sisterhood of Widows”
It is amazing how much free press the book is getting. It is filling a need for those looking for encouragement as they grieve and heal.

I went down to the cottage today and closed it up for the winter.  This is the third time I had to do it without Donnie and it always leaves me feeling sad.  Thank goodness my Uncle and Aunt came down and helped me.  It’s so much work  I sometimes wonder why I keep it but I feel closest to my old life when I’m at the cottage.  I guess I’m just not ready to let it go.

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  1. Ruthie Fullerton
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    The two years since my husband’s death have been the most difficult of my life. We had been married nearly 60 years. We loved each other so much and being separated has been almost unbearable.

    Since retirement we travelled to Arizona in our older Motorhome every winter and camped in the desert. I think about sitting out under the stars at night and about the spectacular mountain scenery. It is so hard to know it is all over but I know we will be together again one day soon. I am so thankful for that promise.

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Ruthie – I’m sorry for your grief and somehow those words just don’t seem to express enough. Please know that others understand your pain. I also believe that God loves us and wants us to live with purpose. You are needed and loved so please enjoy the time you have even though your husband has passed on. Take Care, Mary

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