Money and Widows

When there was two incomes coming into the house I didn’t really plan for my once a year expenses. How there is only my income and I have to accept that financial change. If I continue to live with out a plan I will not have any savings when things go wrong with the house or car.

Trouble is – I hate budgeting my money. It makes me think about where it’s going and sometimes I would whether not know. That’s my inner child coming out:-) OK, so I know better and I will start by writing out all my expenses even the yearly ones (I will divide them by 12) and get my monthly cost of living down on paper.

Once I know my true monthly expenses I will see how the income compares. I guess that is part of being responsible for myself but I do miss having someone to share the blame with. Being a widow is such a change of lifestyle in everyway: financial, social and mental.

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