A Book of Healing True Stories

A lady I met this weekend sent the below message to her network of friends. I thought it was a great idea to promote the book by a grassroots movement. I’m forwarding her message on to my network and I hope that everyone forwards it on to their network of friends and family. The book is for all those that need to grieve and heal, and I hope that it reaches all those that will find comfort in it.

Hello everyone,

I believe in helping to promote our very own local talented people. I have a new found girl friend and author whom I would like to help promote her brand new and first book. Her name is Mary Francis and she lives in Saint John, NB. Her new book title is Sisterhood of Widows.

It is just being launched and will be officially for sale January 1st. However, one can purchase Mary’s book online at www.sisterhoodofwidows.com  and her email address is Mary@sisterhoodofwidows.com. Please buy a copy of her book for yourself, your book club and/or to offer as a gift. Thank you!

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