Are You A Hugger?

My family are huggers – they hug to say hello and they hug to say good-bye.  These last few years I’ve come to appreciate a hug.  It relieves pain, suffering, depression and loneliness.  It gives me a feeling of belonging, eases my fears … Read More

When do you know its right?

Today I was at the local Indio bookstore talking to the staff, when a lady came up to me and asked me if I was the writer of the book “The Sisterhood of Widows”.  I said “Yes” and she said, ” … Read More

Website updated

My website has a “Resource Page” with some great links to other websites for tips and advice when you have lost a loved one.  I also have a second website that has a “Memories” page.  Thank you everyone … Read More

Let’s Get Organized

Time to clean out all my old documents, stray files, old bills and pieces of paper. First I have to empty that overflowing kitchen junk drawer that I throw everything into. I’m going to sort everything into 3 piles: Bills … Read More

How can you help others?

I’m always being asked about how I published my book and I love to pass on everything I know. The best way to help others is to share your stories – the good, the bad and the ugly. Quote from … Read More

Trivial Arguments

Why do some arguments slowly become huge fights and for what? To prove a point, to hold your ground because your right? Don’t lose your focus on what’s important. Spend your life’s precious moments on making good memories not bad.


My youngest turned 27 today and it made me think about time. It goes by so fast and can never be recovered. It can slip through your fingers and be wasted without notice. I realized that I pay more attention … Read More

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