Music by Johnny Reid

I love to listen to my favorite music, sing, dance and enjoy the moment.  Music is fun, energizing, relaxing and as calming as we need it to be.  We celebrate our faith, remember events from the past , get together … Read More

Quiet Day?

I was planning on staying home all Sunday in my PJ’s to just relax.  By 3:00 I was restless and when my Aunt and Uncle called to ask me out to supper I jumped at the opportunity to get out. … Read More

Memory Newsletter

In June’s free newsletter (A Shared Journey) the focus is on memories.  A professional landscaper does an article about keeping your memories alive in the garden with a memory tree or special plant. A widow explains how she took her … Read More

Admit It When You Are Wrong

I lost an old and treasured friend because I expressed my opinion without thinking of how she would feel.  My words hurt her deeply and our lifetime friendship came to an end.  It was a hard lesson learned – watch … Read More

What Is Your Future?

What kind of person do you want to be in the future? What additional knowledge and skills do you want to acquire? In what areas would you like to become absolutely excellent? What subjects would you like to master? Now, … Read More

Website upgrade

I want to thank my University student, Jason Brown, for all the work he put into my website. Jason also did my second site Thanks also to Cindy Kohler for supporting both Jason and me during the upgrade. Websites … Read More


I want to thank Telegraph-Journal for asking me to write an article for their special “Thinking Ahead” insert on Saturday, May 21,2011. With the help of friends and family we can all grieve and heal when we lose a loved … Read More

John Deere Lawn Tractor

Donnie’s tractor is only 3 years old but all last year I had to boost it every time to get it going. This weekend it didn’t start and I had enough. I went and bought a new battery. It started … Read More

Saint John Marina

Friendship Games for people 50+ from June 5th to 10th for only $25.00. Registration deadline is Friday May 27th, 2011. Lots to do and see plus a great opportunity to meet some new friends. Call Helen Bridgeo at 658-2909 for … Read More

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