iPhone 4

I purchased the iPhone 4 today.  It looked so easy when the kids use it but I’m already lost.  I can’t get the wireless to work, can’t do emails and the serial # is so small I’m not sure I’m … Read More

Well-Meaning Friends

Sometimes well-meaning friends stand by and attempt to comfort by saying things like: ” At least he didn’t suffer” or “Trust in God”.  These comments are meant to comfort you, but they are meaningless at this time because your pain … Read More

Do You Get Discouraged?

Discouraging feelings keep you thinking about what you can’t do instead of what you can do.  They stop you from doing anything except feeling sorry for yourself. Stop and think – You don’t have to stay discouraged.  Don’t listen to … Read More

Latin Line Dancing

Dancing keeps you physical fit and also offers protection against dementia, plus it’s lots of fun.  What else will help you make split-second decisions, has stress reduction benefits and makes you feel like part of a community? It’s an activity … Read More

When should I take off my wedding ring?

How long does a person wear their wedding ring after their spouse has died?  Some take it off in the second year and some never take it off.  Perhaps one of the decision makers is if you want to start … Read More

Loving Again

The fear of loving and losing another partner may prevent some from loving again.  It can take time  to risk being hurt and emotionally tied to another person again.   Take your time with a new relationship because dating too … Read More


As you go through your grief process you may notice that churches can be very family oriented. It’s hard to watch other women with their husbands and so you may stop going. But this can cause even more separation and … Read More

Alone Time

Tips to get you to the point in your journey where you enjoy some healthy alone time: 1. Take some time for yourself before the day to day demands of life get you down. 2. Spend time with people you … Read More

Are you a “Busyholic”?

Your emotions swing like a pendulum, from one extreme to another. Looking for ways to avoid this loneliness, you may become a “busyholic”, never stopping. That way your grief can’t catch up to you. If this is you, then you … Read More

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