Learning To Honor Each Day

Learning to honor each day with a humble spirit can be a challenge.  Where does it come from, this human urge for “more” and “more”.

As we seek things we lose the little perfections of our day – the beauty of a cloud, the colors of a garden, the giggle of a child’s laughter.  We must learn to value the small or we will never appreciate the great.  We need to honor time with a friend, a walk in our neighborhood, the taste of a good meal and the right to bow our heads in prayer.

Are these not enough?

  1. Abhishek
    | Reply

    As you stated, we all grevie in our own individual ways. But what you did not specifically mention is that it is always unique and within each individual doing the grieving. Who is one to say that another’s grieving process is not adequate or inappropriate? Some hold it for long periods before releasing it, others spontaneously release it on the spot. Who is to say what is right or wrong? But, it does come out eventually.Just doing a bit of grieving my oneself.

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