Four Things Happy People Do

1.   They analyze their life even though it isn’t easy and may require questioning some of their long held assumptions.  Small changes can be enough to see significant improvement in happiness.  Taking action steps is the key- just wishing for things to change isn’t going to cut it.

2.  They avoid the “If Only” way of thinking.  They are wise to this trap and keep their lives full of novelty, because just trying something new can bring a smile to their day.

3.   They put best friends first by being socially available.  Because it provides simple companionship there is a special joy in the company of a close friend.

4.   Happy people allow themselves to be happy.  They start their days with the expectation that its going to be a great day.  The pessimist on the other hand just knows that he is going to have a miserable day and he is usually right.

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