I’ve been working hard so all I could think about was having a lazy Saturday all to myself.  I was going to sleep in, do a little housework, read and relax.  No plans to go anywhere or do anything –  a relaxing day was just what I wanted and needed.

But around noon I started getting depressed and sad.  I can’t tell you how or why it started but it was just that lonely, empty feeling that another widow would know.

It happens when I stop being busy and have too much quiet time.  Time to feel the loss, time to miss being part of a couple and time to miss being loved.  I stopped to let the sadness have it’s time but I have no time for depression.  If depression gets a chance to come in – it would make itself at home and I would never get rid of it.

So I cooked a late lunch and cleaned out some closets to get ready for the winter.   I always do better when I’m busy and I’ve come to realize that is the way I handle it best.  A little relaxing time but not too much –  that is what works for me.

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