Trust – It doesn’t come easy!

You may have a painful love wound resulting from the ending of the love relationship with your spouse and this love wound may prevent you from loving again.  It’s hard to trust and get into another relationship where you may end up going through all that pain a second time.

Maybe the relationship will be a second love, but then they get sick and you’re a widow again.  Or maybe the relationship will not work out and your trust is broken.  It takes time to become emotionally open to understanding that trust begins with your relationship with yourself and then flows out to others.

Keeping a distance can be hazardous if the only reason is lack of trust.  Trust your inner sense to let you know if it’s the right time and the right person.  Also, trust if it is not the right time for you.  There is nothing wrong with finding yourself as a single person and being ok with that.  Trust – It doesn’t come easy, but once you trust your own instinct than everything will fall in place.

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